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Support Us In Our Mission

Support Us In Our Mission

Bottle Drive


Mental Health Copilots is an Edmonton-based initiative that is committed to connecting individuals to mental health professionals that are right for them.


The Mental Health Copilots Bottle Drop Initiative!


The Bottle Drop Initiative is launching on January 16th.


This is a virtual bottle drive done through the Bottle Drop app, throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. Users can either access through the Bottle Drop app or website.


We are doing this bottle drive to raise funds so we can further develop our services and better support people in accessing mental health professionals.


Download the Bottle Drop app or simply use the web login! First, collect your bottles. Then go to the bottle drop website and select MHC as the charity you want to donate to. You can schedule a pick-up or drop-off on the website, or you can also download the app and do the same thing. You can find MHC’s charity profile here:

Bottles and Rates:

Small bottles - $ 0.10
Large bottles - $ 0.25

Keep in mind:

Collect as many bottles as you can!
Totals that come to less than $50 will require a 30% fee.

About Us

Our Mission
To connect individuals with mental health services that work for them.

The Team

Amanda Montey

Amanda Montey

Branden Leduc

Branden Leduc

McKenna Gawalko

McKenna Gawalko