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Connecting Individuals with Mental Health Professionals

Connecting Individuals with Mental Health Professionals

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If you or someone you love is in immediate danger,
CALL 911.

For non-emergency mental health support call either:
Access 24/7 Crisis Line:
Edmonton's 24 Hour Distress Line:

Welcome to Mental Health Copilots!

We are a new Edmonton-based initiative that exists to support you in finding a mental health professional you trust.

Did you know
In a 2016 survey, 40% of respondents said they experienced depression or anxiety and never sought help.
Only about half of Canadians experiencing a major depressive episode receive "potentially adequate care".
By the time Canadians turn 40 years old, 1 in 2 will have experienced a mental illness.

- The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Mental Health Copilots are here to help you:

Find mental health supports in your area.

Understand and choose between types of therapy.

Persevere through phone calls and appointments.

Navigate insurance, cost compare and request sliding scales.

Seek out new supports when the first one (or first few) don't fit.

Our services are all FREE!

Because we believe that every person deserves equal access to mental healthcare.

Please note that we do not provide counselling services.

We are committed to being a bridge between individuals and skilled mental health professionals. From identifying your needs, to choosing a professional, to following up and ensuring it is an adequate fit, your Copilot is with you every step of the way.

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We will contact you via email to set up the specifics of your appointment.
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About Us

Our Mission
To connect individuals with mental health services that work for them.

The Team

Amanda Montey

Amanda Montey

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Branden Leduc

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Meghan Regier